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Image by Wesley Tingey


No Particular Hours is an ongoing garage sale featuring a selection of industrial artifacts, vintage furniture, repurposed objects, and general ephemera from Jerry's half century accumulation and the world at large. As well as being a fun, eclectic place to shop, where you never know what you might find, it is also meant to be a resource for designers and discerning collectors as well as craftspeople and artists looking for interesting unique material for their own work.

We sell as well as rent props and sets for television and major motion pictures. The No Particular Hours garage serves as a constant evolving display environment to showcase pieces from our Red Hook Brooklyn warehouse.


Please browse our online shop and the gallery below for a sampling of what we can offer. To note, there is plenty more in store aside from what we sell online! Follow us on Instagram to see if the garage is open since open hours sometimes vary.

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